Beside Myself, Words + Art
A book by Brett Engle
Original dreamlike illustrations and thoughtful prose dance across the colorful pages. Playful observations are paired with creative visuals that will unlock the mind and spirit.
40 pages, Full Color, Published 2013

When I am old
may I become wilder,
more free
than my youth would dare to be.

To love ever louder,
in peace be surrounded,
when I am older
and feeling bolder.

There may happen
a disaster,
remind me to use laughter,
when I am old.

Praise for Beside Myself, Words + Art:
"A very heartfelt compilation of wonderful words that we can all relate to. They are immediate and thought provoking. The illustrations are an extension of the words. Brett sees the truth, he speaks the truth... he is the truth. This book is something to cherish when we are seeking our own inner selves. I can't wait to experience his next journey."
– Alex Boies

"Creatively inspiring with colorful art and reflective poetic musings, this is a book to pull out from time to time to dial down the churning analytical mind or to experience a moment of repose and relaxation. For some, this may even be a stimulating sampler to come up with your own artistic journal or reflections. My recommendation is give your inner-spirit a delightful treat, read this book and savor its uplifting charm."
– H.E. Pennypacker

"Gorgeous art, beautiful words... I love the artwork, it is thought provoking and inspiring. Very wonderful!"
– Randy Palmer

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