How to create and self publish a print book with a lot of images and pictures.
A guide by Brett Engle

I found self publishing to be kind of confusing. Most of the help online seemed to focus on wordy books, not a picture-intensive book of imagery like mine. I was inspired to help others. Creating your own book does take time, but the feeling of accomplishment is way worth it.

My guide walks step-by-step through the self publishing process for a print book with a lot of images, pictures, art, and/or a custom design. It is an excellent resource for helping with: comic books, children's books, graphic novels, photography books, printed sketchbooks, and more.

Throughout the process every effort was made to spend as little money as possible, and to do as much as possible for myself. Yet it wasn’t 100% free, and you will need access to software for graphics, such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. The details are extensively covered, with a bit of inspiration sprinkled throughout.

38 pages, Full Color, Published 2013

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