Marriage to Art
A performance by Brett Engle

October 16, 2001
Moved by personal reflection and a changing world, I conceived and executed a performance in which I "married art." A photographer helped document the event.

Dressed in artistic character, I released a personal poem into the waters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota. This symbolic action binds me to a life of creating art, as much as I can each day. My artistic intent is to share my love with the world and encourage others to follow their own dreams.

I’ve gone back to same location to renew my cathartic vow on some but not all anniversaries of October 16th. Some inspired years I feverishly made all kinds of art but did not make it to the river. In a few heavier years I created almost nothing but still went to sit beside the flowing water. Fate has dealt ups and downs in life, yet my heart remains committed to the creative self.

In 2021 I cut autumn leaves into heart shapes and put them into the Mississippi River.

Keep sharing your love with the world. As long as I’m here, I will too.