VLog1 -
My mind often resets.
A video by Brett Engle
2:55 min, 2016
My very first video blog.
My mind often resets.
(I struggle to explain this accurately)
My brain/mind regularly undergoes a personal internal revolution.
I start somewhat new.
I say somewhat because I am also aware I cannot erase the past nor control the minds of others.
Yet, inside my mind there is often a cleaning, again and again, like clearing a table.
All of the past is consciously put into the past.
A NEWNESS is deeply desired.
A hunger comes and I don't seem to want the same as before.
It feels like a revolution of my self.
No personal trait is safe.
No one knows the scrutiny and scouring I put myself through.
That said, I am enchanted with self revolution.
It feels as if I've lived as 50 different people yet have my own identity.
I don't know why it happens.
Do others experience this inside, too?
It has taken me to amazing places on Earth.
By clearing my mind often and being open to new ways of thinking, I have met countless fascinating and beautiful people of all ages.
It has helped me empathize with the lives and minds of others.
The journey has felt both heavy and light.
At times I feel so sensitive I need protection from the harsh world.
On better days I am a wizard of capability and creation, immune to anyone else's negativity.
At every moment the overwhelming beauty seems absolutely infinite.
Mostly, I want to share my love.
As each internal revolution is completed, I try to take the best parts of me and move forward.
I'm not the person you used to know, yet I am always more me than ever before.
It may sound insane, but it's the most sane way I have found to live.

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